Ebuzzing Opens Vine & Instagram Video up to Far-Reaching Online Distribution

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Ebuzzing Opens Vine & Instagram Video up to Far-Reaching Online DistributionEbuzzing Opens Vine & Instagram Video up to Far-Reaching Online Distribution

We are proud to announce that Ebuzzing has become the first company to introduce the ability for brands to share branded Vine and ‘Video for Instagram’ clips outside of the apps' platforms.

‘Video for Instagram’ was launched on 20 June and allows users to upload a 15-second video, whilst Vine enables the creation of 6-second clips and was launched in June 2012, reaching wider popularity when Twitter purchased it in October 2012.

Our technology means brands can now share the clips created on Vine and ‘Video for Instagram’ apps across Ebuzzing’s global network of over 20,000 blogs, media sites and publishers.

Instead of repurposing television ads or existing online videos, brands will be able to create original content in a form that cannot be found anywhere else and will be able to gain greater attention for their videos outside their audiences on Vine and ‘Video for Instagram’.

Brands will also now be able to build their follower count on the previously closed Vine and ‘Video for Instagram’ networks and marketers will be able to track the views and shares of the content using the Ebuzzing Labs technology.

The Vine and ‘Video for Instagram’ content will be available in Ebuzzing’s BuzzPlayer's expanding video format and eTab format, all of which are now available on mobile.

Vine and ‘Video for Instagram’ have generated huge excitement within the marketing industry, but until now there has been no advertising platform enabling brands to fully exploit the potential of these platforms as a tool for sharing great content. Ebuzzing is ahead of the curve in pioneering a whole a whole new medium for advertising - this is a great step forward for the sharing of Vine and ‘Video for Instagram’ content and will help marketers grow their reach and showcase their work to a wider audience

Rebecca Mahony, VP of Global Marketing at Ebuzzing

Take a look at the new formats

Vine Semi Expand & Expand

Instagram Video Semi Expand & Expand

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